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Modern Day Move to Innovation started by Admin Robin

Could members indicate whether they wish to finish threads on here and start new threads on Innovation or if they would rather admin summarise the story so far, link to the thread on here and

Admin Robin
Sept 12, 2017 7:33:54 GMT


Hello! I'm Tommy started by Tommy

Hello everyone! I'm Tommy. I am hoping to get into Assassin's Creed one of these days. I've always wanted to, just never had the chance. I plan on getting an Xbox X when it comes out

Admin Robin
Sept 24, 2017 5:33:25 GMT


Just A Little G'day started by King

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to anyone and everyone who is reading this. So, my name is King, I'm a member of this adorable little community of fierce Assassins and Templars.

Aug 22, 2017 22:31:30 GMT


A late hey! started by Admin Robin

So I'm Robin, your admin - but don't worry I don't bite hard! As some of you may have noticed I do a lot of custom artwork, mainly for my own characters but will also do such for

Admin Robin
Aug 21, 2017 11:47:13 GMT


Sooo hey started by crispmist

Welp, I was browsing rp sites and found this one so hey! Name's Crisp, this looks like it'll be fun, and I guess I'll start working on a profile (:

Admin Robin
Aug 21, 2017 11:41:54 GMT